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Day Five – Weekend Wrap-Up

Shetland Triangle Blocking
I have an FO to (sort of) show off today! The Shetland Triangle is finally done! This was a great project to knit and, at the beginning, it was pretty quick. Then I got about 3/4 of the way done and I just stopped knitting – that really hindered my progress. I cast off during the World Series and just got around to blocking it this weekend. The photo above is of the shawl all pinned out on the futon in my cra(p)ft room/office/guest room. Continue reading

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And life gets in the way…

A week in pictures
Isn’t that always the case? I started this blog (and my Project 365) as a way to prevent that from happening: I hoped that I could use both projects to take some time to reflect on (or at least chronicle) what goes on in my day-to-day life because I feel like so many things just slip by me. But that’s the rub – those things (some important and some not) fill up the space and take over and push the to-do list item “blog” way on the back burner and then it’s a week (or a month) later and I’m like “What, exactly, have I been doing with myself?” One of my favorite things about this blog is that it gives me the opportunity to look back and read old entries and remember the act of knitting a specific project, making a meal, reading a certain book, or something else that might have been forgotten.

So, I have made a mosaic of my last week of 365 pictures (above) and I am going to write a paragraph or two about each of them…

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Long overdue knitting update

Um, it’s September. I can’t believe it. This has been one of the strangest summers ever, alternately seeming to fly by and drag on. It has been full of uncertainty and stress that will end (at least the uncertainty part) this month. I can’t wait.


Okay, knitting. Yeah, I do that and I have actually been making measurable progress but I can’t quite gauge when it’s been made. The Shetland Triangle is moving right along – if I were making the pattern to size it would be finished right now – that means I would have knit it in less than a month – unbelievable! As it is, I just started my third ball of yarn (I don’t think I’ll use all four) and I have done 11 repeats of the body pattern. How much further will I go? I don’t know; all I know is that I am envisioning a big ole shawl – something to wrap all around me on a chilly winter night while reading or knitting.

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I LoVermont

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it!)

Gist and I spent a lovely weekend in Bennington, VT:My creation

It was just what the doctor ordered. Things have been a little (okay, a lot) stressful ’round these parts lately, nothing I can’t handle but the stress has been taking its toll. There are some changes on the horizon, unfortunately I don’t quite know what they’ll be just yet. Anyway, enough about that, Vermont is just lovely.

We drove up to Bennington on Saturday morning. The ride was lovely and I made some real progress on my Shetland Triangle. We checked into our hotel and then headed out to explore and (more importantly) eat. Downtown Bennington is charming and we ended up at a lovely little place called Alldays and Onions. It was one of the best meals I have ever had – the combination of food, atmosphere and company were perfect! If you ever find yourself in Bennington, eat here! Continue reading


Three projects on the needles

Life’s been moving right along here – I can’t believe that it’s August already! The Folk Fest last weekend was a great time. Gist and I went all three days, ate a ton of food, listened to some great music, and just had a lot of fun. Sunday was especially nice because Kristin, AJ and Morgan came up and it was fun to do the festival thing with the kids. Of course I took pictures, they’re here, along with pictures from Festivals past.

Some, but not much, knitting has been happening this week. I am slowly plugging away on what should be the fastest project ever – Gist’s wristers:Gist's Wrist Warmers

One is done and I am making progress on the second. The pattern is the Hand/Wrist Warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, the yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Hollyhock and the needles are cheap aluminium size 7 circs. Continue reading


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