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My name is Marianne & I’m a Yarnaholic.

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Lowell, MA
It's snowing!

I'm addicted! It's a problem and I can't stop. I can't help buying yarn that I just don't need for projects I probably won't finish. I love doing it: it makes me feel happy, giddy, on top of the world. I succumbed today and the lovely lady at the Hub Mills Store was my enabler. I bought the lovely mohair below for the Meadow Flowers shawl in Knitters Stash.

I have been wanting to start the shawl for quite a while. I have been able to restrain myself with the knowledge that I have many, many WIPs in the stash and I should finish them before I start something else but today I fell of the wagon. Why? I don't know: I think it was a combination of the lovely yarn + Gist out of town + my trip to Northampton cancelled due to weather = yarn purchase. (Who am I kidding – had I gone to Webs with Nance today the damage would have been just as bad, if not worse!) At least Sebastien was there to welcome the new yarn into our home:

I have had a lovely morning – it seems like the gods have been smiling down upon me. Some examples:

  • I went to the Chelmsford library for my book club book on CD and it wasn't on the shelf. I asked the libriarian for help and she couldn't find it until I was just about to leave – yay! Now I can knit and "read" during the snowstorm in front of the "fire."
  • I went to the Market Basket to get oatmeal cookie ingredients. Due to the snow the store was packed! I got my nine items and got in line behind a woman with two full carts. Every other line was waaaaay back so I thought the wait would be about the same. Once I got behind the woman she said "Why don't you just go ahead of me?" Yipiee! What a nice lady – I was out of the store in a flash.
  • After leaving the Market Basket someone let me make a left turn from Broadway to Dummer – yay!
  • I got my favorite snow day parking space!

Not too bad, huh?


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