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Week! End!

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chance_of_rain2.gifLowell, MA
Sunny and warm but not too hot or humid.

Yay! It is the beginning of a loooong weekend! I am so excited!

This week has been a crazy one – meetings every night and a big deadline today. The meetings went well (very well, in fact) and the deadline was met! I couldn’t be happier or more exhausted.

What’s in store for this weekend? Relaxing! Gist is going to be home tonight and most of tomorrow, Sunday I want to go into Boston and Monday and Tuesday are still up in the air – maybe knitting or reading or movies or biking or all of the above. I really want to work on my clapotis.


Author: Marianne

Hi my name is Marianne Gries, welcome to Art is the Handmaid of Human Good. I use this space to write about and share pictures of things that interest me. That includes my life in Lowell, my adventures in car-lite living, the food I cook and eat, my dogs, home improvement projects, vacations, knitting, and interesting things and places I see and visit. Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Week! End!

  1. Yay for weekends!!!


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