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Manta Ray

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Remember this yarn? Well, it has been re-purposed into a Manta Ray – not the sea creature, the shawl:My manta ray's all right.*
It has been a delight to knit. It is an easy and quick pattern that is perfect for meetings, the car, the bar, & in front of the teevee – basically all of the places I like to knit.

I didn’t have enough of the original yarn to make the whole shawl so I am adding in some of the same yarn in a pinker color – next to it, my main color looks downright purple! Finding the yarn has been a bit of a drama – I just assumed that Hub Mills would have more of my original yarn but they didn’t and that specific brand is now discontinued. The lovely clerk told me that the same mill made the same yarn for another company and that she probably could get more. I told her it was pink, she ordered it and when I went to pick it up we realized that one person’s pink is another’s purple. Anyway, she also tried to track down the purple. While she was doing that, I brought Yovani & Gist in to look at the pink to see if it would be okay to add a stripe in the middle. They, and I, thought it would be so when I finished my second ball of purple I decided to add in two balls of pink and finish with two balls of purple. We’ll see how it all works out…


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