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Today Katy, Yovani & I went on an awesome New Hampshire Knitting Adventure. It was fun, fun, fun! We started the day at Parker’s Maple Barn because we needed some serious breakfast to fortify our yarn hunting (and it was indeed a serious breakfast!) Then we meandered around Southern New Hampshire and ended up at The Wool Room at Meadow Brook Farm in Antrim, NH.

The Wool Room wasn’t a planned stop but it was lovely. The owner was a lovely older woman named Anne not only knits but spins as well. She also teaches spinning. She had a lovely little shop and lots of her own handspun for sale. While we were there, another woman came to the shop for some spinning advice. She brought her wheel in and started spinning. Katy, Yovani & I were captivated and while they wound their purchases (some lovely alpaca for Yovani, some great tweed wool for Katy and some flax for both) she let me try my hand at spinning. It was fun. Giddy with excitement, we decided that this summer’s project will be learning to spin.

Next we headed to the Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH. Yet another lovely shop. They have a great selection of yarn in both skeins and cones as well as spinning supplies. While we were there I got some Malabrigo in Azul Profundo. It is a gorgeous, gorgeous blue that I think will become a Clapotis. Yovani also got some beautiful Manos del Uruguay that she’s going to make into a scarf and hat set.

Our last stop was The Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH. It was a very nice shop with a great selection of yarn and an absolutely amazing selection of patterns. Katy’s gorgeous hat is an Elegant Ewe pattern as is the Meadow Flowers Shawl. Katy got an awesome mitten kit to go with the hat and Yovani got the buttons she needed for her pillows. I was good (read: broke) and didn’t buy anything today but I definitely see myself doing so in the future.

What a great day! I don’t think it could have possibly been better: the weather was perfect (hi, 70 can you believe it?) as was the company, yarn stores, and the food. Knitting Adventure rocks!


Author: Marianne

Hi my name is Marianne Gries, welcome to Art is the Handmaid of Human Good. I use this space to write about and share pictures of things that interest me. That includes my life in Lowell, my adventures in car-lite living, the food I cook and eat, my dogs, home improvement projects, vacations, knitting, and interesting things and places I see and visit. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Knitting Adventure

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, and thanks for the kind words. Sounds like a great trip you had. I love to knit too, and also have a lot of those CDs you have listed on the side bar there 🙂

    To answer your question, right now I am only selling online, but in June I should be moving into a studio at Western Ave and starting to do craft shows.

    I love your photos! My husband and I are really grateful you documented the river flood both times.

    You want to know something cute? I had already found and favorited this blog a few months ago 🙂


  2. I had to jump in and say that I love your blog, too! I found you through Liz and I live in your city too.

  3. Wow! Thanks! I had no idea anyone was reading this!
    Liz – thanks so much for the link.

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