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Fun Filled Four-Day Weekend (as promised!)

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Wow! It’s Wednesday already.

Last weekend was just what the doctor ordered. I haven’t had that much fun or laughed as much as I did in a long time. My stomach still hurts a bit from laughing so hard.

The weekend started with Sara’s wedding on Friday. It was a lovely affair:Sara & Josh's Wedding

I had such a great time seeing all of Sara’s family, especially Nikki & the kids. The location was beautiful, the food was good, the company was charming, and the bride and groom looked lovely. My favorite part of the whole day? Jeremy letting us know that he had been paying cash all afternoon at the open bar – he really does like to spend a few extra dollars on things.

On Saturday we got up, brought a very hungover Jeremy to his car and headed off to NYC. We arrived in Park Slope, got great parking space right across from Kate & Julie’s apartment, dropped our bags and headed off to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade:Coney Island

Lauren and Jack met us there but I have to confess that it was a bust. It was too crowded, we couldn’t see the parade, it was hot, Julie lost her engagement ring, and we couldn’t ride the Cyclone! On the positive side: it was nice to seeConey Island, it was nice to meet Jack, it was nice to spend time with Lauren, Gist, Kate & Julie, and there were naked people. After a very crowded subway ride back to Park Slope we went out for sushi (Gist, Kate & Julie) and noodles (me) at Nana. After dinner we had some delightful frozen yogurt at Öko and then headed back to the apartment to play Cranium (wicked fun!)

On Sunday Eddy came to town and he, Lauren & Jack met us at Cattyshcak. They had an all day cookout that was awesome. For $15 you get all of the cookout food (hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, corn, etc.) that you can eat and all the beer you can drink. They also have a nice roof deck. It was a lot of fun just hanging out, eating and drinking. In honor of Pride, which was that day, Eddy has Gist give him a tattoo:The artist at work

After drinking lts of beer, eating lots of food (although I still regret not having a sausage!) and maybe doing a little bit of dancing Lauren, Gist and I left the party animals to continue dancing and went to Öko for more FroYo. By the time we returned, the partiers were pooped and we all said goodnight. Because we are such amazing ragers we were safely in bed by 9:30!

On Monday we woke up, went out to breakfast where we met Eddy and then headed first to New Haven and then home. Once home I said hi to Sebbie and promptly crashed on the couch with him purring on my stomach. It was a great weekend and I needed a little nap to recover! Now it’s back to work but there are only two more days until vacation – yay!


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