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Life in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Slowest. Knitter. Ever.


Today I sat here:
Where I knit today.

and worked on my Clapotis. I am on the decrease rows, so close to the end that I can taste it. I just wish I were there already. I am amazed when I read about people who finished this project in a week – how do they do it? I have been knitting it since April (which seems a bit excessive I’ll admit.) Anyway, a not-so-great progress picture:
Clapotis progress...

I hope that I’ll have a FO pic soon!


Author: Marianne

Hi my name is Marianne Gries, welcome to Art is the Handmaid of Human Good. I use this space to write about and share pictures of things that interest me. That includes my life in Lowell, my adventures in car-lite living, the food I cook and eat, my dogs, home improvement projects, vacations, knitting, and interesting things and places I see and visit. Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Slowest. Knitter. Ever.

  1. what a nice view to knit by! are you enjoying eat, pray, love? i listened to the audio version of it a while ago, and enjoyed it, for the most part.

  2. beautiful photo, as usual. the clapotis is coming along nicely. hang in there!

  3. HI! I found you through the knitblog ring. I’m working on a Clapotis, too…just starting the decrease rows. I’m also a slow knitter so how’s ’bout we race? Last one done is a skein of moth-eaten wool.

    Your blog is gorgeous. I’ve bookmarked it and will be back.

  4. AND? I also read My Daughter’s Keeper. Probaby a year ago…


  5. Hi from the other other end of the country! Very nice Clapotis. Very cool blog! I think I am the slowest knitter though…

  6. I am so jealous that you have such a lovely place to knit. It would take me forever to knit anything there. It is so beautiful.

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