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Days 18-21/366 – Fun Weekend!


Fun Weekend!
This has been a very fun weekend! My supper on Friday came out great – I made roasted garlic, spinach salad and mashed potatoes – and then I caught up on Friday Night Lights. I love that show and I am so glad that there are still episodes left.

On Saturday Gist and I decided to go to Salem. We started at the Peabody Essex Museum. I love it there and I was especially to see that one of the special exhibitions was Accidental Mysteries. The entire show was found vintage snapshots – it was fascinating. We also walked around for a bit, stopped in at Seed Stitch (I couldn’t resist – I’d never been there and it is lovely) and had a delightful linner at the Old Spot.

On Sunday we headed down to Framingham for lunch with Jeremy. It was great to see him. Then we went shopping to replace some of the stuff that was stolen and to get some curtains and other household items. When we got home we hung the curtains (I am so happy to not be using mini-blinds) and ate some tasty nachos for supper. Oh, and the Pats won – woohoo!

Today we (FINALLY) took down the tree – YAY, I made a dent in my XMas iTunes gift cards, went out to lunch, went grocery shopping, and I have also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the new point-and-shoot camera we got to replace the one that was stolen. I’m feeling a bit foolish because it seems that a simple point-and-shoot is now beyond me – I am too used to my DSLR and having total control over each and every shot. This week’s 365 challenge – use the point-and-shoot.


3 thoughts on “Days 18-21/366 – Fun Weekend!

  1. i still have my elph (4 megapixels) that i replaced with a dslr… it’s not a bad little camera! you can indeed do a good bit of adjusting – on the manual setting, but no… it won’t be quite the same…

  2. I’ve recently discovered Friday nights, too (I saw the pilot episode on a plane) – and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been working my way through season 1.

  3. Oh I wish I’d known about that PEM photo show! I collect found photos. And I take all my pics with a Kodak EasyShare, I like the challenge. It’s like making a gourmet meal with boxed ingredients from the 7-11. I think your shots look great!

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