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Long Weekend – YAY!

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I just love celebrating America’s birthday, especially when it means a long weekend!
4th of July Weekend

Jeremy often comes up to visit in the beginning of July and we always have a great time. This year was no exception. I got to leave work early on Thursday and Jere and I went to pick up my farm share and then headed home for wine, pizza, chatting, and music listening. That’s usually how we start our weekends – catching up and discovering new music on each other’s iPods.

Friday was the fourth and that means just one thing…
Day 162 - Friday, July 4th 2008

Fireworks! But before we could watch fireworks, we had to fritter away most of the day. We watched some Wimbledon (a theme of the weekend), went to Nashua, bought Jeremy a man-purse, ate, napped, watched more tennis, ate again, and finally headed out to see the fireworks.

It was really pretty down by the river…
Merrimack River

And Jere was feeling pretty happy and relaxed…

But then disaster struck! As we were walking along the river, we saw what we thought was the perfect viewing spot so we sat down. Once we sat, Jere was like “What’s on my hands?” Unfortunately it was poop – ewwwwwwwww! Someone had stepped in dog poop and then rubbed it off of their shoe on the ledge where we sat. It was totally gross but Jeremy handled it with grace (much more so than if it had been me!). So we walked back to my place, Jeremy cleaned up and then we headed back to see the show.

The show was nice, but the real show began when we got back to my place. As Jeremy and I were washing the dishes, we kept hearing loud fireworks so I decided to go out on to the balcony to check it out. Our neighbors were having their own professional fireworks display. These were some serious fireworks, not the rinky-dink bottle rockets and stuff that people normally have. They had LOUD fireworks, the ones that look like a whole bunch of shooting stars (like in the photo above), smiley-faces, whirly-gigs, you name it, they had it. It was pretty amazing and when they were done, the whole area was FULL of smoke.

On Saturday, we headed to Marblehead to visit with Jeff.

Marblehead is lovely…
Charming New England

We walked around and went to Fort Sewall.
Fort Sewall

Marblehead Harbour

Day 163 - Saturday, July 5th 2008
(My Main Gays)

Jeremy & Jeff

While we were there we chatted, enjoyed the view and knit (well, I knit). Then we headed back to Jeff’s for some lunch and after lunch, we walked around town some more.

Marblehead likes to dress up for holidays.
Patroitic House

I love day lilies!
Day Lily

Then we headed home to, yup you guessed it, watch some more tennis. We watched the Williams sisters fight for the championship (we had TiVOed it that morning) and even though we knew who was going to win it was fun to watch. It was especially interesting to watch the sisters’ reactions to winning/losing. During the match, there was all this talk about how Venus & Serena might be less competitive because they are playing against a sibling but Jeremy and I thought we’d be more competitive in that same situation!

On Sunday, we woke up for breakfast with Wimbledon. I made corn waffles (and bacon for me!) for Gist and Jere and we settled in to watch what turned out to be an amazing match!
Day 164 - Sunday, July 6th 2008

We TiVOed the match, so we were able to bloop bloop through the starting rain delay. Once the match started, we could tell it would be exciting – we were all rooting for Rafa and he was playing a good game. We watched, at the edge of our seats, as Rafa kept playing well and then Roger kept bouncing back. Then – another rain delay! Thanks to TiVO, we were able to bloop bloop again and it continued to be a nail biter. Then, at three-ish, yet another rain delay! Jere decided he had to head home and Gist and I had to run out and do some errands (and I think we both needed a break from the suspense!). I watched the rest of the TiVOed game when I got home and was thrilled to see Rafa win! It was an amazing, amazing match (and I’m not much of a tennis fan) and I’m glad I got to watch the whole (all five hours of it) thing.

So now it’s Monday and I’m headed back to work (boo) but, on the bright side, tonight’s the Lowell Spinners Stitch-n-Pitch – yay!


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