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What I did on my summer vacation! Part 5 – I didn’t even get off the boat for the last few days

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On Friday we arrived in Provincetown, MA.
Norwegian Dawn and Race Point
See how empty that deck is? P-Town was the hot destination – we were in port for a whopping ten hours rather than the usual seven or eight and there was a tea dance at the Boatslip just for us.

Being from Massachusetts, having been to P-Town many, many times and armed with future Cape/P-Town plans this summer, we didn’t get off of the boat. So it was us on the boat and about five other people, all of them from Massachusetts. We went to the empty pool and swam, read, sunned and relaxed.
In the near-empty pool

But while we were there, our celebrity hostess showed up. Yup, Rosie was there. She, like us, decided to take advantage of the lack of crowds and come to the pool. It was a little strange to see her because, well, she’s famous and a hero to millions but, after getting over the strangeness, we were sucked right back into our oblivious reading, sunning, Sudoku/crossword doing, sleeping. We stayed at the pool for six hours – so relaxing – and then took a few laps around the ship. I, of course, took some pictures.

Day 176 - Friday, July 18th 2008

Then we had a nice dinner at the Venetian.
Dining at the Venetian

And I went to see the evening’s show, a Bollywood Spectacular.
Bollywood Spectacular

While I was at the Spectacular, Gist went to play bingo and she won!

Saturday dawned lazy as we arrived in Newport, RI.
Day 177 - Saturday, July 19th 2008

This is where I spent most of the day and it was lovely.
Where I spent most of my day in Newport.

I only left to see the show – Chicago. It was performed by all of the Broadway stars and it was great. So great that I didn’t even take a single picture! After the show, we had a late dinner at Bamboo. Gist of course had sushi.
Someone LOVES sushi!

That night there was a gorgeous full moon.
Full Moon at Sea

On Sunday, the final day – boo, we arrived in NYC early. On the way out we saw the Statue of Liberty on the starboard side so we knew that on the way back, she’d be on the port (where our cabin was). So we woke up early to see her as we sailed past. It was lovely.
Day 178 - Sunday, July 20th 2008

When you get caught between the moon and New York City...


We disembarked without a hitch, got our car and headed back home. This vacation was like nothing I have ever done before and, to be honest, if you had told me even a year ago that I would be on a cruise I would have scoffed. That being said, this was one of the best vacations of my life. I’ve always gone on vacation to see things or be someplace new or learn something and this vacation had some of that but what was most notable and what I really enjoyed was how completely relaxing it was. It was just what my tried and frazzled self needed and I will certainly be doing it again (but I need to start saving…)!

All of the pictures are on Flickr here.


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