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Project 365 Second Round? Done!

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Day 366 - Saturday, January 24th 2009
Day 366 – Saturday, January 24th 2009

Ummmm, here’s my last day of my 2008 Project 366 (leap day seems so long ago!). When I ended my first 365, I had a last-day shot that kind of tied the whole thing together – it appears that now that I’ve finished my second I just have another picture of the day*.

I also had some confusion as to when this whole project ends – Friday was day 365, this is day 366 and I took a picture on Sunday too, so I have a 367. I mis-numbered my photos (they’re fixed now) but they were shifted a day back, so I actually thought that Sunday was day 366.

That confusion and lack of attention to detail pretty much sums up this second project – it was both easier and harder than the first. There was much less pressure, so I took a break when life got to be too much after my apartment was broken into for the second time in three months, and I certainly missed some days here and there on this second go round. I also think that my skills as a photographer markedly improved while I was doing my first 365, while this round was more about documenting the crazy that was 2008 – one of the most life-changing years in my recent memory!

I have to thank all of my Flickr and IRL friends and family for being along for the ride on this one – thanks for your comments and encouragement; thanks for putting up with having every activity you’ve done with me in the past year documented; thanks for tolerating the constant camera in your face (for this I am especially grateful – I can’t stand having my picture taken); thanks for the support, both virtual and in person, during the rough patches; thanks for looking.

I’ve also really enjoyed looking at other 366s and photostreams – those of my Flickr friends who were in the first 365, those crazy souls from that group who are in various stages of their second 365, all of the new Flickr friends that I’ve met through the Ravelry 365 group, and, last but not least, my IRL friends who’ve also started a 365 of their own.

Now I don’t know what will happen – I think that I desperately need a break from this routine but at the same time I just don’t know if I can stop – taking a picture has becomea part of my day just like like waking up, brushing my teeth and getting dressed are – I may not always want to do it, but what other options do I have.

Anyway, here’s day 367 – it’s the most adorable baby in the world, born during this project – her first photo was day 49
Day 367 - Sunday, January 25th 2009

*I’m very happy to have this day memorialized in pixels – our friend AJ came up to visit us. We played some Life and Mario Kart and got tipsy on root beer floats.


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