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Lowell Film Festival

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The $60 a Week Project is about two things – food and frugality and if you’re following along, I assume you’re interested in one or both of those topics.  If you’re following along and are going to be the Boston/Lowell area this weekend, you should definitely check out the Lowell Film Festival.  This year’s focus is “Food, Fair Trade and the Global Economy” (we’ve got food covered) and the event is totally free and open to the public (hello, frugal!).

I went to last year’s festival and had a great time – the films were interesting and thought provoking and the festival itself was just a whole lot of fun.  When I found out about this year’s focus I was thrilled.  There are quite a few films I’d like to see and events I’d like to attend – on my “must see/do” list are:

  • Friday night’s headline film, The Garden at the Lowell National Historic Park.
  • The Food & Fair Trade Marketplace at the Revolving Museum.  My CSA, World Peas/NESFP, will be there along with other local merchants and growers who support sustainable and fair trade practices.
  • Tableland at Life Alive.  I’m really interested in this movie.  World Peas/NESFP will also be participating in the panel discussion.
  • The Price of Sugar at the Pollard Library.  I majored in Political Science, Spanish and Latin American Studies and one of the constants in my time at university was the sugar trade.  I read/thought/wrote about how sugar has shaped history; it’s effect on the environment, culture, society; the problems it’s caused – you get the picture.  I think this is going to be a tough film to see but I think it’s well worth it.
  • I’d really like to see Hamburger America at Mickey’s Bar & Grill but I have dinner plans.  I love hamburgers and a movie that celebrates them and the best places to eat them is a-ok in my book.
  • I will also be attending the Saturday headline film, Battle in Seattle , at UMass Lowell.

This weekend is also yoga, WAS Open Studios – always a good time – Gist and a friend will be perusing the art – check out Amanda, Candace & Liz’s beautiful items and  Sunday knitting at Kibmall’s*Phew* I think it’s going to be a really fun weekend!

*The whole schedule for the Lowell Film Festival can be found on their website*

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