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Still raining here in Lowell, Massachusetts but on the bright side, Tutto Bene is open for business!

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Tutto Bene - Lowell, MA

I have been pretty busy these past couple of days getting ready to go to Jamaica but I did take some time out yesterday to visit Tutto Bene, a new wine and cheese cellar that just opened in Lowell.  Way back in April, when the sun shone…

Tutto Bene

I got a sneak peek at the store and have been waiting for it to open ever since.  Well, it’s open now and I am not disappointed!  The shop itself is very cute and charming.  They carry wine, cheese, some craft beer (but I hope they get more), bulk olive oil and vinegar, olives, chocolates, and other yummy little vittles.

They have a large wine selection, including some favorites, and most of the bottles are value-priced at under $20.  There is also a nice selection of cheeses and Ellen, the lovely clerk, will encourage you to sample anything.  I sampled a delicious Double Gloucester with Blue Stilton and a half-pound ended up coming home with me.

Tutto Bene also carries Ovedia Chocolates, which I had for the first time this year with Nance and Amanda on our way up to SPA Knit & Spin.  Ovedia’s treats are amazing and I am so happy to know that I can get them locally and save myself a trip up to Amesbury.  Of course I had to take some caramels home with me…

Ovedia Caramels

Tutto Bene is a great addition to the Lowell food scene between them, C’est and the Market Street Market, you can get just about anything you need all within walking distance.  Anyway, I spent $12.83 on my cheese and caramels, bring my total for the week up to $34.70.  The rest of my $60 will be spent on snacks for the airplane.

In other news, I am going to be doing a cooking demo at the grand opening of the Lowell Farmers’ Market on Friday, July 11th.*  I am a little nervous because I am obviously not a professional, but I believe that most of the people attending the market are home cooks like me and I think hope that what I do will be useful.  If you’re interested, please stop by, say “hi” and check out the market.  It runs from 2:00 – 7:00 and I’ll probably be cooking around 2:30.

I am also, as a part of my CSA volunteer work, updating my CSA’s blog, Facebook page and Twitter stream.  One of the things we’re trying to do is put together a comprehensive vegetable guide that has general information about different different veggies, along with storage, prep and cooking tips.  I know that some of you are doing a CSA for the first time this year and some of the information may be helpful.  Anyway, if you are interested, you can check it out here.

* I apologize to everyone that thought the market opened on Saturday the 12th.  I was mistaken!


One thought on “Still raining here in Lowell, Massachusetts but on the bright side, Tutto Bene is open for business!

  1. That is so cool about the cooking demo! Also, thanks for the link.

    And finally, J thought that your CSA help in creating a cookbook is a great idea for self-owned business. Maybe other CSAs would be interested in something like it, and you could come up with a sample that could be customized. Just an idea!

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