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Does Massachusetts ever see the sun?

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Jamaica 2009

Jamaica was lovely and, more importantly, sunny! Gist and I had a great time sitting by the pool and on the beach, drinking all sorts of fruity beverages, playing with charming children, and celebrating Kristin and Mike’s wedding.  It was the perfect getaway!

I am not even going to tell you what I did with last week’s CSA share because it was a complete and utter FAIL!  Between packing and getting ready, I was not able to use nearly as much produce as I would have liked.  Some of it is still okay and will be used with this week’s share.

Speaking of this week’s share, we got baby bok choy, collards, lettuce, hakueri turnips, zucchini and cousa squash, new potatoes, and cilantro.  There aren’t any pictures because Gist was kind enough to pick the share up and put it away.  She also got a quart of milk and a quart of chocolate milk when she was at Richardson’s.  She spent $3.20 of our weekly $60.

Now, it’s all about getting reacquainted with the real world, that horrible place where the sun doesn’t shine (at least not in Massachusetts, what’s up with that?), there’s no swim-up bar, and there are bigger decisions to be made than pool or beach or read or nap or piña colada or mojito *sigh*

Jamaica 2009

Jamaica 2009

Jamaica 2009

The reason we were there – congratulations Kristin & Mike!

Jamaica 2009


One thought on “Does Massachusetts ever see the sun?

  1. “Does Massachusetts ever see the sun?” I live in Portland, Or, so what can I say? I haven’t seen the sun in awhile. Your pictures of Jamaica are making me sigh :0)

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