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Things that are awesome Friday – UTEC Fresh Roots & The Lowell Folk Festival!


UTEC Fresh Roots Baked Goods CSA - Week Two - Tweed Squares

# 1.  Week two of our UTEC Fresh Roots CSA – Tweed Squares. Have I ever heard of a Tweed Square? No. Do I know what one is? No. Do I care? Not at all, they are delicious!

Day 281 - Friday, July 27th 2007

#2. The Lowell Folk Festival!!! The largest free folk festival in the country and my absolute favorite weekend of the summer. Music, food, fun, friends, crafts – it’s a blast!

This weekend, downtown Lowell turns into one great big party full of music from all over the world, including some of my personal faves – bluegrass, polka, zydeco, old time New England barn dances, blues, New Orleans jazz, Puerto Rican cuatro – the list goes on…

There’s also all sorts of tasty ethnic food – Jamaican, Greek, Armenian, Laotian, Latin American, Soul Food, Portuguese – YUM!  AND crafts, lots of crafts, from some of my favorite people – Amanda at Brick Mill Studio and Liz at Made in Lowell.

The Friends of Western Avenue Studios are also hosting a Funk Brunch on Sunday morning – food, art, music, fun – we’ll be there, why not?  It’s a bargain too, $5 suggested donation.  If you’re in the Boston area, it would be a crime if you didn’t check out the Folk Festival!

Where else can you get African food and Greek food in the same place?

Life Alive Stage

Boarding House Park

Day 185 - Sunday, July 27th 2008

Dan Paisley & the Southern Grass

Day 282 - Saturday, July 28th 2007


2 thoughts on “Things that are awesome Friday – UTEC Fresh Roots & The Lowell Folk Festival!

  1. The festival looks like a great time. I wish we had something similar in Kalamazoo! We are having taste of Kalamazoo right now, but it’s a lot smaller and pricier.

  2. hi marianne–

    sorry that i didn’t get to meet you on sunday, but thanks for coming to western ave for the brunch. i was so busy having fun that i took ZERO pix. if you happened to snap any, i’d love to see some.

    i was the announcer/organizer guy who nearly had a nervous breakdown at the mic introducing the band.


    lucy the dog, aka andy

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