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It is absolutely no secret that I love snow!  So when I got a pair of snowshoes for my birthday, I was super-excited and desperate for a good snowfall so that I could bust them out.  Yesterday, after a lot of false promises (hello, snowpocalypse that never was) and watching places like Washington D.C. and South Carolina get slammed with record-breaking snow, New England finally got the snow we deserved and I was able to go snowshoeing this morning!  It is a happy day!

My snowshoes:
Day 47 - Wednesday, February 17th 2010

I got to see the sun rise over the Merrimack this morning:

My tracks:


I had a great time snowshoeing along the Merrimack River on the Vandenberg Esplanade this morning and, as someone who grew up in a very rural area, I was pretty excited to be snowshoeing in the fourth largest city in Massachusetts.  I’m looking forward to exploring all of the walking and biking trails in the city itself, along with visiting trails in more rural environments, including Great Brook Farm, one of my favorite places to walk in the summer!


2 thoughts on “Snowshoes!

  1. Beautiful shot of the sunrise!

  2. I’ve got no snow shoes, but yours have lead you to some beautiful scenery!

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