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Life in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Doors Open Lowell

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This weekend was Doors Open Lowell, a chance to tour historic properties throughout the city.  Gist and I had a great time visiting 14 of the 25 buildings.  Our only regret? That we weren’t able to visit more!

Day 134 - Saturday, May 15th 2010
This is Appleton Mills, which was built between 1902 and 1914. They Mills were among the last buildings built in the Appleton millyard and are currently in the midst of construction into artist live-work space.

Doors Open - Lowell
Pawtucket Gatehouse (1847) is the largest on the Lowell canal system and controlled the flow of water into the Northern Canal.  Still in use today, the gatehouse contains much of its original gate raising equipment.

Doors Open - Lowell
The Tenth Street School (1880), this Italianate style primary school was built to relieve overcrowding at the nearby Varnum School.

And our absolute favorite open door…

Doors Open - Lowell

Tremont Yard, which is located beneath a new bank building. During the bank construction these historic, subterranean archeological remains were discovered. It is the site of pioneering turbine experiments undertaken by famed engineer James B. Francis in 1855. And it was awesome!

The full set of Doors Open 2010 photos can be found on Flickr.  All descriptions were shamelessly stolen from the Doors Open Lowell website!


One thought on “Doors Open Lowell

  1. Glad you had a great time this weekend! And thank you for posting the great photos.

    The weather was fantastic and we had a large turnout. And as I predicted, Tremont Yard was a big hit this weekend and even had a line to get in well before the 3:00 opening.

    Look for our 10th anniversary in May 2011!

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