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Happy American Craft Beer Week!

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Much like last year, I celebrated American Craft Beer Week.  This year I tried to keep it to local beers (local being defined as New England) and, with one exception, I was successful.

Day 136 - Monday, May 17th 2010
Monday was a Haverhill Brewery HaverAle, a cream ale brewed in Haverhill, MA.
I love the pin-ups on all of Haverhill Brewery’s beers!

Day 137 - Tuesday, May 18th 2010
Tuesday was an Allagash White, a Belgian-style wheat beer brewed in Portland, ME. It is also my favorite beer of all time.

Day 138 - Wednesday, May19th 2010
Wednesday was a Rogue Mocha Porter from Ashland, OR – the non-local beer of the week.

And now I have to apologize. On Thursday I downloaded the Hipstamatic, ShakeItPhoto and SwankoLab apps for my iPhone and, as I am with any new toy(s), I am totally obsessed!

Day 139 - Thursday, May 20th 2010
Thursday was a Gritty McDuff’s Red Claws Ale, an American amber ale brewed in Freeport, ME.

Day 140 - Friday, May 21st 2010
Friday was a Woodstock Inn Brewery’s Pig’s Ear Brown Ale brewed in Woodstock, NH and enjoyed at Heather and Justin’s rehearsal dinner.

Happy American Craft Beer Week!
Saturday was a Tuckerman Brewing Company Pale Ale brewed in Conway, NH.

Happy American Craft Beer Week!
Sunday was a John Thomas Red brewed by the Manchester Brewing Company in Concord, NH.

So there you have it; a week of local(ish) craft beers.  One of my favorite parts of American Craft Beer Week is that I try new beers – this year they were the end of week beers: the Red Claws Ale, Pig’s Ear, Tuckerman, and John Thomas.  I can’t wait til next year!


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  1. I love Allagash White, too – it’s a great beer!

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