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A number expressing the ratio of the circumference of a perfect circle to its diameter (or any excuse to make and eat pie!)


It’s a big holiday week ’round these parts: today is, of course, St. Patrick’s day (and I will be celebrating my Irish heritage by eating as many potatoes as possible, hopefully in the form of colcannon and boxty) and Monday was my favorite sort-of-about-math-but-really-about-food holiday of them all: Pi Day! Yay pie!

In honor of this very serious and important holiday, I made not one, but two pies for supper: pizza pie…

Pi Day Pizza Pie

…and buttermilk pie.

Pi Day Buttermilk Pie

The pizza recipe came from Four Nights a Week,a local food blog that you should definitely check out. I adapted the Butternut Squash with Wilted Spinach and Blue Cheese recipe into a pizza by sprinkling the blue cheese onto the dough; topping it with the roasted squash, raw red onion and spinach; and baking the whole thing at 550 F for 10 minutes. It was a hit.

The Buttermilk Pie recipe comes from this NPR story. I use the not-as-sweet version and it is delicious!

I’ve also been doing some knitting. Spa, Knit and Spin 2011 was, as always, at the end of February and, as always, Nance and I headed up to Freeport for a lovely weekend of knitting, yarn-buying, eating, drinking, and relaxing. I was a champion shopper this year, blowing most of my budget on Thursday even before we arrived in Freeport.

Spa, Knit & Spin 2011 Loot

We stopped at the lovely KnitWit in Portland where I picked up some glorious Road to China Light in Blue Tourmaline:

Spa, Knit & Spin 2011 Loot

(We also stopped at Halcyon Yarn in Bath so that I could pick up Vintage Modern Knits. I went to Spa with an agenda, and one of the items was to buy the book and yarn to make the Madeleine Shawl. I did both, and cast-on before the Spa festivities even began!)

I also picked up a skein of Quince & Co. Chickadee in Parsley:

Spa, Knit & Spin 2011 Loot

I have been dying to try Quince yarn and I was thrilled to find a huge selection at KnitWit. The colors are gorgeous and the yarn is squishy-soft and delightful.

I also bought a Three Bags Full project bag, won a L’stell Ditty Bag and bought a gorgeous skein of Ball and Skein Super Sock Yarn in Turquoise:

Spa, Knit & Spin 2011 Loot

Of course Simon also got some Spa prizes, a lobster collar (please excuse the crap camera-phone pic:)

Spa, Knit & Spin 2011 Loot

And a stuffed lobster, which he loves:

Simon loves his lobster!

The Madeleine Shawl as been my obsessive project for the past couple of weeks, I managed to finish it in a little over two weeks – a record for me!

Madeleine's Shawl

I am really happy with how it turned out: the yarn is a blend of alpaca, camel, cashmere, and silk and it is sooooo soft. The shawl is also the perfect light, in-between weight for spring. I wore it on my bike commute to work today and it was perfect.  Here’s the Ravelry Link to the project.

Madeleine's Shawl


5 thoughts on “A number expressing the ratio of the circumference of a perfect circle to its diameter (or any excuse to make and eat pie!)

  1. The shawl looks great!

  2. Now you may be the only person disappointed at today’s weather as you have your new shawl to wear!

    I have been intrigued by buttermilk pie as well–I’ve also seen “milk pie”–either way, I can’t quite imagine what it must taste like, which perhaps is why I’m curious. Thanks for the link (since I have no clue where I last read about it, just that I have).

    I didn’t know it was pie day just now. A sad omission on my part, but I’ll not let it happen again. (I made cupcakes on pi day, by coincidence and not out of a spirit of rebellion).

  3. My doggy has a lobster toy also. And we don’t even live in New England. LOL.

  4. I love so much about this post. First, a weekend with friends is always fun. Second, the yarn and shawl are all gorgeous, in lovely, springy colors. And finally, I’ve been wanting to adopt a pup SO badly for the past few months, so pics of Simon being adorable are always welcome 🙂

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