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30 Days of Biking: Days 14 through 21


30 Days of Biking: Day 17 of 30

Places I have biked since I have last checked in: to work, to volunteer, to the credit union, to City Hall, to the grocery store, along the river, to a fundraiser, to the soon-to-be Whiting Street Garden, and to the library. Also, around the parking lot just so I could say I biked that day. I bet you’re noticing a bit of a pattern here 😉

30 Days of Biking: Day 14 of 30

This week’s biking weather was absurdly lovely. It honestly couldn’t have been more perfect.

Day 108 - Tuesday, April 17th 2012

Highlights from the week: Monday was my favorite Masshole holiday, Patriot’s Day. I had the day off so the pups and I took an insanely long hike in the state forest. It was so nice, we made Gist (who had to work) walk a part of it in the evening.

Day 107 - Monday, April 16th 2012

Rudy's happy place.

I got a new helmet.

Day 109 - Wednesday, April 18th 2012

I rode my bike to Gist’s work fundraiser, which was super fun.

30 Days of Biking - Day 19 of 30

The fabulous queens of Mirage kept us entertained all night!

Day 110 - Thursday, April 19th 2012

On Friday, I was spared a day of digging by a donated backhoe – SCORE! The Whiting Street Garden project is coming right along – by June, this gross lot will be a garden!

Day 111 - Friday, April 20th 2012

Basically this week was a pretty good one, both 30 Days of Biking-wise and life-wise. This coming week is supposed to be pretty rainy. There is a nor’easter forecasted for today and tomorrow so that should be fun (or something.)


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Hi my name is Marianne Gries, welcome to Art is the Handmaid of Human Good. I use this space to write about and share pictures of things that interest me. That includes my life in Lowell, my adventures in car-lite living, the food I cook and eat, my dogs, home improvement projects, vacations, knitting, and interesting things and places I see and visit. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking: Days 14 through 21

  1. that emblem of Lowell, is that for real? Awesome! The doggy is darling! Halfway through your challenge, you go girl!

  2. Your new helmet is fabu!

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