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Bicycles and chickens, FTW!


I am all over the interwebs today, acting like a spaz and talking about a couple of things that I am passionate about: commuting and chickens.

The fun and happy website HooplaHa approached me a few months ago about doing a story about my I win at commuting! blog post. Because my first instinct is to always say “Yes!” to things that are strange, funny, out-of-the-ordinary, I said I would do it. This led to me spending an afternoon with Andy from CineStories, riding Henrietta and talking about how much I love riding my bike to work. It was a completely strange, yet perfectly pleasant way to spend an afternoon and the result can be seen here (I can’t figure out how to embed the video, so you’ll have to click on over 😉 )

My favorite part of the video is how lovely Lowell looks, but those of you with sharp eyes will notice that there is a lovely non-Lowell shot snuck in there. Artistic license, I guess 😉

I have also been working with a great group of Lowellians to help overturn an ordinance that bans backyard chickens in the city. If you know anything at all about me, you know that I love to cook (and eat!) so my motivation in pursuing this cause is purely selfish – I want all the folks with backyards to raise all the fresh eggs, ALL FOR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I’m not even kidding. Backyard eggs are the best eggs available and I want in on that, stat.

To promote my “All the backyard eggs, all for Marianne Gries” agenda, I agreed to shoot a video for Howl in Lowell about why Lowell needs chickens. The article can be seen here on Howl, and the video of me and my new bestie, Isla the Hen, is embedded below.

5 thoughts on “Bicycles and chickens, FTW!

  1. Marianne! I loved the bike video, and then the chicken video was even better. The comment at the end from the passerby was the best. Keep up the good work in Lowell!! I miss the Mill City.

  2. I love the comment at the end of the chicken video. 🙂

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