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Doing our civic duty…

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Doing our civic duty! #Lowell #Vote #UsingThe19th

Just in case you live under a rock, it’s election day here in the United States! As always, Gist and I did double-duty and combined our morning dog walk with a walk to the polls. It was a brisk morning and there was a (pretty long) line to vote; poor Rudy probably could have used a sweater this morning – he was shivering while we waited for Gist to finish voting (and also while they waited for me to finish voting.)

We will be anxiously watching the election results on teevee tonight,and I have a bit of a theme menu happening: Chicago-style deep-dish pizza (we were tempted to have Lou Malnati’s shipped but the challenge of home-made was too much for me to resist…) and garden-fresh salad, a tip of the hat to Barack and Michelle Obama.

So I told Gist that I was going to wear both my "Smart Women Vote" and my "I Vote" pins on Tuesday. Her response: "Smart women vote and so do you." Bada Bump!

As always, I am very excited to wear my “Smart Women Vote” and “I Vote” buttons today! Although I do wish that my polling place handed out “I Voted” stickers. I hope that, if you’re able, you’ve made it out to vote. Happy Election Day 2012!


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