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CSA: Midpoint!!!

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Apparently we’re halfway through the season, I can’t believe it! Our first half has been lovely but, honestly, I feel like August is when the produce here in New England really gets good… We’ve had local tomatoes in our shares and we should be getting corn soon *swoon*

I’m still on a big salad kick, with because it is an efficient way to make a big dent in my weekly share and because it has been awfully hot and humid here in Massachusetts this summer. I found the salad above here and it was delicious and refreshing.

I’m still, as is the CSA way, getting a ton of zucchini and summer squash (which is totally fine with me, I love it!) Smitten Kitchen posted about Jim Lahey’s sheet pan pizzas so I headed to the library to checkout My Bread. I made both the zucchini and potato pies and they were delicious (obviously, it’s pizza + farm veggies.)I also made another CSA season fave: sweet & sour eggplant. I’m not the biggest fan of eggplant, and this recipe is always tasty, quick and easy.We’re FINALLY getting local tomatoes~YAY~and I am over the moon! I have made quite a few tomato sandwiches and I finally had the BLT that I’ve been anticipating since the end of last tomato season. I always love a BLT but during tomato season they are my favorite. I don’t even attempt tomato sandwiches unless it’s August (so I don’t have to weep in despair) and I’ve been making up for the 11 month tomato sandwich void 😉

In other non-CSA news, I am going to be participating in the Merrimack Repertory Theater’s Cohort Club this season. The MRT is the Merrimack Valley’s professional theater and it produces vibrant, contemporary plays that explore what it means to be alive today. 

As a member of the Cohort Club, I’ll have access to the rehearsal process for some of this season’s productions. I’ll have the opportunity to observe rehearsals, learn about the technical process, and participate in behind-the-scenes activists and tours. In exchange, I’ve agreed to write about my experience. Tomorrow is our first meeting and I am really excited.

Kristin and I enjoyed last season at the MRT so much that we became season pass holders. I was already looking forward to what this new season would bring and I’m really looking forward to having this access and opportunity to deepen my experience. MRT has been blogging about some of the preparations for the first play of the season, 45 Plays for 45 Presidents, on their blog. You should check it out.


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