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Life in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

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Day 15


My heart aches. It absolutely aches for what happened in my favorite city on my favorite holiday. My thoughts are with the injured and lost, and their families; the runners and spectators; all of the helpers; and the people of Boston. I am incredibely grateful that my family and friends who were in Boston today are safe.



Day 14: Lowell’s First Tweed Ride

Today, a group of lovely ladies and dapper gents outfitted in their finest tweeds and woolens came together to enjoy a civilized Spring ride through the scenic hamlets of Lowell, Tewksbury, Billerica, and Chelmsford.






20130414-183314.jpg(Photo courtesy of Mr. Junkculture)

After our ride, we stopped for a tasty repast at Ward Eight.



The entire afternoon was a jolly spot of bikey fun! Many thanks to the organizer, Sophan!

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There’s more to life than books, you know. But not much more. But not much more.

Attention readers! The annual Friends of the Pollard Memorial Library Book Sale will take place on May 16th – 18th! What does that mean for you? More books (and CDs and DVDs, too!)

The prices are great, and all proceeds from the sale benefit the Friends of the Library, a volunteer group dedicated to supporting Lowell’s awesome Pollard Memorial Library and its programs. The largest program they support is the museum pass program, which allows patrons to visit museums either for free or for drastically reduced admission.

If you aren’t already a Friend of the Library, you can learn more about becoming one here. As a Friend, you not only get to be a part of a great and friendly group of Lowellians, but you also receive membership benefits. Some of the benefits of being a Friend are that you get to attend the Friends Preview Night at the Book Sale *ahem, the very best selection of the sale, ahem* and you also get to participate in fun Friends events, FOR FREE,  like Winterfest Trivia Night. Basically, you’d be a fool not to join (not that I’m judging or anything 😉 )

I hope to see you at the sale!

Friends of the PML Book Sale


Day 9

After beginning with a crazy thunderstorm, today could not have been more lovely if it tried. The skies cleared up, the sun came out, and we almost made it to 70°F.

It was so lovely, I took the long way home along the river and canals.
My ride took me through a couple of the UMass-Lowell campuses where I was amazed to see so many students sporting blue Riverhawks t-shirts. I’m not much of a hockey fan, but the students’ enthusiasm was contagious.


Day 7


It’s Sunday and all I have on the agenda for the rest of the day is 1. seeing The Host and 2. picking up K at South Station so, yeah, I am rockin’ the crocs and sweatpants.

In other news… Simon, Rudy, and I went to Deer Jump Reservation in Andover this morning for our walk. While we were there we saw a fox…


And this neat tree…


The fox picture is blurry because he was pretty far away from us (and I snapped the shot with my phone) but he stayed staring at us for quite awhile and then ran around the field. He looked quite a bit like Simon and Rudy. They, of course, didn’t even notice the fox because they were too busy sniffing the stone wall near the field.

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Day 6


My Ariel is back!

It is often harder for me to ride on the weekend than during the week. My weekday rides are always taken care of thanks to my commutes, but on the weekend I need to take time out of my regular routing to ride. Today was no exception, but I did get a little bike surprise to help me with my task.

Today’s agenda included a diner breakfast, Cambodian New Year, errands, and dinner with friends and each one was going to be done with Gist, which meant we were driving. I had planned to take a short parking lot loop to satisfy the letter of the law. As we were running our super-fun errands (I’m not kidding, we went to the candy store, cupcake store, dog treat store, and wine store!) I got a call from City Bicycle that Ariel was all ready to be picked up. Perfect! I had Gist drop me off at the shop downtown and rode home.