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Oh, August…

There’s nothing like watching the sun set over Cape Cod Bay at low tide…

Every August, without fail, I have a mini ‘Oh my gosh, summer’s ending!’ panic and this year is no exception. What that means is that I try to cram all of my favorite summer things – going to the Cape, eating seafood, swimming, reading outside… – into the last few weeks of August while simultaneously eagerly anticipating the fall to come.

There isn’t a CSA update this week, and I won’t have one next week either, because in anticipation of spending last weekend at the Cape, I took a smaller, modified share (carrots, cukes and cherry tomatoes that were all used as unadorned easy snacks) and I took this week off from volunteering which means no share for me. The break has been nice and I’m looking forward to the late summer/early fall bounty to come.

When I’m not busy summering-it-up to the best of my ability, I have been participating in the Merrimack Repertory Theater’s Cohort Club which is both a fascinating experience and a nice bridge to the colder months to come. Rehearsals have begun for the first show of the season, 45 Plays for 45 Presidents and I’ve attended the first read-through of the script and one rehearsal. Continue reading