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Project 365 Second Round? Done!

Day 366 - Saturday, January 24th 2009
Day 366 – Saturday, January 24th 2009

Ummmm, here’s my last day of my 2008 Project 366 (leap day seems so long ago!). When I ended my first 365, I had a last-day shot that kind of tied the whole thing together – it appears that now that I’ve finished my second I just have another picture of the day*. Continue reading



Makes My Day

Make My Day
My day’s been made! Mick over at Much-Adored gave me the “You Make My Day” Award*. I’m very flattered and amazed that this funny little thing that I started just for myself with no hope of anyone ever reading it is read and enjoyed by others. Now I am going to spread the love around!

Here are some blogs (and other internet-type thingies) that make my day! So, in no particular order…

1. I’m throwin’ the love back to Mick. She’s in grad school and still has time to knit lovely things including sweaters (I’m a little afraid of sweaters). She used to live in Boston but now lives in Michigan where it seems to always be snowing (I have to confess a slight bit of snow-envy).

2. Liz at Mill Girl. Liz lives here in Lowell which means she has great taste in deciding where to live. She also makes lovely felted flower (and now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, heart) pins, polymer clay eggs and beads, and some of the cutest earrings that I’ve ever seen.

3. Amanda at Bead and Fiber Babe also knows how to pick excellent places to live. But that’s not all – she also knits amazing things (including fancy sweaters that she wears to knit night), makes beaded jewelry and has the cutest collection of dolls ever.

4. Stacey at Babbling Brook. Stacey is new to Lowell, before moving here she lived in Portland, OR so I’d say she knows how to pick where to live. Stacey knits lovely things (and quickly due to her commute), lives somewhere near me and I’m looking forward to meeting her in person at knit night at the OC!

5. Next we have a born-and-bred Lowellian (proving that good where-to-live taste runs in the family), Yovani at Rambling, rants & such. I helped teach Yovani to knit because I like to spread the addiction! Someday soon we’re going to make our first sweater-vests together (seaming=scary). Yovani’s new to blogging so go and say “Hello & welcome!”

6. Katie is… someone who makes my day. I admire Katie because she currently lives Boston, MA but she’s from Australia. I can’t imaging moving half-way (or is it the whole way) around the world – heck, living in California was too far away for me! Katie also knits lovely things (her Shetland Triangle is amazing).

7. Even though Jenny at Eat.Knit.Sleep is a Giants fan, she’s okay by me. She has the cutest pup in the world and knits like nobody’s business.

8. This isn’t a blog, but Nance at Tree Top Studios is just wonderful. She taught me how to knit, makes wonderful art and is the matriarch of my family-of-choice. She’s an excellent human being!

9. The nine-spot is shared by two not-blogs – the Flickr Project 365 group and the Ravelry 365 group (on Flickr and Ravelry). Doing Project 365 has become a really important part of my life and both of these groups are a big piece of that – I have grown and challenged myself as a photographer with the support, encouragement and inspiration of other project participants.

10. And finally, just because I can’t help but loving them – THE LOLCATS!!!!

One more thing that made my day?

Day 22 - Tuesday, January 22nd 2008
Last night’s supper. Now I haaaaate the picture but this recipe, Creamy Goat Cheese Pasta with Roasted Asparagus (except made with green beans in my version) is totally and completely amazing. If you like food, print the recipe out and make it – you’ll thank me!

*Official rules “Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.”


Days 18-21/366 – Fun Weekend!

Fun Weekend!
This has been a very fun weekend! My supper on Friday came out great – I made roasted garlic, spinach salad and mashed potatoes – and then I caught up on Friday Night Lights. I love that show and I am so glad that there are still episodes left.

On Saturday Gist and I decided to go to Salem. We started at the Peabody Essex Museum. I love it there and I was especially to see that one of the special exhibitions was Accidental Mysteries. The entire show was found vintage snapshots – it was fascinating. We also walked around for a bit, stopped in at Seed Stitch (I couldn’t resist – I’d never been there and it is lovely) and had a delightful linner at the Old Spot.

On Sunday we headed down to Framingham for lunch with Jeremy. It was great to see him. Then we went shopping to replace some of the stuff that was stolen and to get some curtains and other household items. When we got home we hung the curtains (I am so happy to not be using mini-blinds) and ate some tasty nachos for supper. Oh, and the Pats won – woohoo!

Today we (FINALLY) took down the tree – YAY, I made a dent in my XMas iTunes gift cards, went out to lunch, went grocery shopping, and I have also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the new point-and-shoot camera we got to replace the one that was stolen. I’m feeling a bit foolish because it seems that a simple point-and-shoot is now beyond me – I am too used to my DSLR and having total control over each and every shot. This week’s 365 challenge – use the point-and-shoot.