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World Peas CSA – Week Six (sort of…)

Day 201 - Wednesday, July 21st 2010 - I grew this!

No produce on the counter photo this week, Gist was kind enough to pick up the CSA and put it away all while I took a nap. Instead I am showing off this sunflower that I grew with my own hands. This is my third year of container gardening on my balcony and, up until now, I have never been able to grow a flower from seed.

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Things that are awesome Friday – UTEC Fresh Roots & The Lowell Folk Festival!

UTEC Fresh Roots Baked Goods CSA - Week Two - Tweed Squares

# 1.  Week two of our UTEC Fresh Roots CSA РTweed Squares. Have I ever heard of a Tweed Square? No. Do I know what one is? No. Do I care? Not at all, they are delicious!

Day 281 - Friday, July 27th 2007

#2. The Lowell Folk Festival!!! The largest free folk festival in the country and my absolute favorite weekend of the summer. Music, food, fun, friends, crafts – it’s a blast! Continue reading


Lowell Folk Festival

Last weekend was my favorite weekend here in Lowell – Folk Festival Weekend! The fun started on Friday evening with a BBQ with Katy and Yovani. We chatted, drank some delicious wine and ate a very tasty dinner. Then, as good friends are wont to do, we tricked Katy into going to the Folk Festival. See, we promised her ice cream at Gary’s but ended up at Art in the Courtyard. We said hello to Amanda, Candace and Liz and checked out their wares. I also kidded myself that I wouldn’t buy anything because I’m trying to be better about my spending but you’ll see how that turned out – I am truly helpless in the presence of crafts *ahem*

After checking out everyone’s wares, we headed down Merrimack Street to check out Humanity, a new boutique here in Lowell. It was super-cute inside. I especially loved the origami tree.
Paper Flowers
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